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Women's Indoor VI beat Hurst

We won our second ever game on Sunday evening in the last of the indoor matches, this time in a very close game against Hurstpierpoint.

We won the toss and opted to bat first. We only lost a couple of wickets in our 10 overs but some very tight bowling from Hurst kept our final score down to 97 which it was felt was perhaps slightly below par.

In the second innings we bowled well but with two overs to go it looked like Hurst would outstrip our score with balls to spare. However, Rose bowled an excellent penultimate over leaving Hurst needing 7 off the final 6 balls to be bowled by Jane. Three runs from the first two balls meant 4 from 4 and Jane held her nerve finishing brilliantly with Wicket, Dot, Dot, 1

Well bowled Jane. A lovely end to a very exciting game.

The highlight of the game was a leaping catch from Carla. I think she was really just trying to stop the ball hitting the back wall for 6 and stood in dazed amazement when she realised she actually had the ball in her hand!

Chilt’s final tally is two wins and two losses and we finish 3rd in the table. Definitely our best performance in any competition yet.

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