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Mick Armstrong All Time XI

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

We asked a few of our WCTCC legends who'd make their All-Time XI and this is who Mick came up with. He even found a spot for himself! Look out for more in the coming weeks and months as we reflect on some of their choices. Some top players in here!

1. Tom Chambers+: Attacking opener, saw the best of him in 2017, got us off to many great starts in a title winning season. Best keeper at the club in my time too.

2. Dave Robinson: Another attacking option at the top, dominated in 09/10, but the team were a few leagues below now, would have been nice to see him against better opposition (flat track bully) - back up keeper option. Or sweeper on the fence, reasonable arm...

3. Bob Llewellyn: 15,000 runs for the club can’t be ignored. If the two at the top get out, would almost certainly dig us out of a hole. Absolute legend of the club. 

4. Mick Armstrong: In a batting heavy team you can’t average 78 for a decade and bat at 7... ever! Not sure how that ever happened? Solid bowling option too. Decent pair of hands. 

5. Jack Elliott-Monday: A consistent performer despite his youthfulness. Bats beyond his years.

6. Tim Jarvis: A middle order spot compliments some of the more attacking options, but could always swap with Dave. 

7. James Howgate: Excellent bat. Intelligent, underrated knowledge of the game and situations. 

8. Brian Chambers: I clearly didn’t see the best of Brian, but his stats are as good as anyone at the club. In his prime a decent bowling option and someone who could fit anywhere in the top order too. Sometimes volatile, so likely to be suspended allowing the 12th man an opportunity for a game!

9. Tim Monday (C): Useful no.9 who outwitted many batsmen with the ball and took a load of wickets. Skippered the side in its most successful period so simply must be captain. Absolute legend of a bloke. 

10. James Chaloner: I enjoyed bowling in tandem more with him than anyone else. Stacks of wickets opening the bowling for years. Handy no.10 bat too. 

11. Malcolm Fitzgerald: Spin option, despite rarely spinning the ball. He, along with JC, are two of the most enjoyable teammates I’ve had here. Another decent bat too at 11! I think every player in this team has a century to their name!

12th Man. A tough one, a load of good players miss out but I’m going to lock in Will Chambers, a terrific batsmen who at his best could have been as good as anyone in this lineup, a decent bowler too, just seemed to be made of balsa wood and fell apart as soon as he stepped on a cricket ground!

On the bench: Jake Hodgson (great club servant, honest bowler who has improved greatly over the last couple seasons), Eddie Miller (good all rounder), Reuben Taylor (pretty stiff to miss out to be honest), Tim van Noort (great guy, would have been a tricky customer to face Witt the ball in his day), Grant Morrish (destructive bat, had some good tussles against him, and thoroughly enjoyed playing with him), Charlie Davies (big spinner of the ball, stacks of talent), Scott Pulling (hugely underrated, a load of grit and determination, loved the battle).

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