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Will Hasler All-Time XI

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Chairman of Selectors, he should know a thing or two about picking a team. Here's Will's all-time West Chilt and Thakeham side.

1. Brian Chambers: The most accomplished player we’ve had who kept us busy off the pitch retrieving balls and writing to the league to explain his behaviour. High maintenance but extremely entertaining.

2. Tom Chambers: I remember Tommo more as a colts keeper when my eldest used to fling bombs up and TC would take the ball in front of the stumps and demolish them. Great to watch bat at any age. He was a 6 or out merchant not unlike his sibling and mad father.

3. Bob/Rob Llewellyn (RIP): Although he played league cricket on Saturdays, the genial Welshman is in as he was invaluable to the Sunday side that I “featured in” for several years. Fiercely competitive on the pitch, he was magnanimous off it. He single handedly kept the Sunday XI going till Mick and Phil Abbott resurrected its fortunes.

4. Neil Miller: Good captain but in the team as a foil for the brasher batsmen. It was either him or Jarv and as a left hander with so much time, he just pips the little man.

5. Reuben Taylor. Despite being told by me as colts chair that he was the best colt we’d ever produced (others started elsewhere or had assistance from coaches at private schools), he still performs consistently well for our 1st XI at the highest standard the club has played.

6. Sam Foster: My wildcard - could/should have been Dave Robbo in this position. Didn’t play a whole host of games for us but I believe could be more destructive on his day than Chambers and Dave Rob. That day didn’t come too often but the Foz also gets in for entertainment value.

7. Mick Armstrong: Coached by Chaloner in the optimism dept, Mick nevertheless remains one of our most loyal and supportive players despite hailing from Oztrya. We will miss him when he finally returns home with Yaz later this year.

8. James Howgate: Mad as a badger but another extremely talented cricketer who is extremely selfless. He won our second six a side final at Hove against Pagham with superlative running between the wickets. Can bowl or bat long when he sets his mind to it.

9. Ben Lucking: Almost single handedly kept us up last season and now a proper allrounder. The sky's the limit for this young man.

10. Tim Monday (RIP): A huge loss to his family and all the clubs he graced down the years. He was desperate for Jack to play with him at the Wiz but once we got him, he threw his heart and soul into getting us out of the County League. An unreliable but brilliant colts coach, he was the best captain we have ever had (so far) on and off the field. Encyclopaedic knowledge of all opposition.

11. James Chaloner: Good all rounder in his day but latterly a masterly swing bowler who still controls an end for the Twos

Scorer: Mrs Tatchell

Umpire: Gee

Also rans - Dave Robinson back up in all depts especially keeper but valued sleep too much; Jack and Ben Hasler who gave me a lot of pleasure watching them as I know so many kids give their parents; Rupert Cleaver who was a terrific fast bowler in his day; Will Chambers; Mike Ford; Jarv. The list is endless!

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