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Sussex Slam

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

We've entered a team into the Sussex Slam - a brand new midweek T20 competition.

Developed to be fast, fun and convenient, The Sussex Slam is perfect for anyone who struggles to commit to longer games but want to play the game they love in an organised competition.

A number of innovative playing regulations mean matches take no longer than 2.5 hours so they can easily be fitted in after work on summer evenings.

Sussex Slam matches can be played at any time within a two-week window to give both sides the best chance of securing a pitch and getting a team together. On top of that, team and player administration can all be done on a mobile.

Player eligibility rules, bowler over-limits and not-out retirements for batters will give every team a chance of victory and every player a chance of starring for their team. Each side will also be guaranteed at least four or five matches, initially in a group stage in a competition that keeps fixtures as localised as possible all the way to Finals Day

In line with the best professional T20 leagues around the world, every Sussex Slam team will have a bold, unique identity. Each side can choose a nickname and will have a logo created to match that identity and coloured kits are encouraged. We'll be playing in our pyjamas, our 'Windmills' logo is below.

The Sussex Slam will be the second ‘Slam’ competition following on from a successful launch in neighbouring Surrey in 2018.

In its first year, more than 1,200 players took part in The Surrey Slam with over 20% of those either new or returning to the teams involved. Over 220 potential new players contacted teams directly through the competition website following a targeted social media campaign that the competition runs on behalf of all the teams involved.

For full details of The Sussex Slam visit Keep up to date with all The Sussex Slam latest news by following @SussexSlam on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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