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Sussex Pathway Players

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

We thought it would be nice to celebrate the achievements of some of our junior section who have been selected this year onto the Sussex Pathway by telling you all about them!

Below is a list of 39 players who are either currently in, or were chosen to be in the pathway programme for 2021. It’s a great achievement for these youngsters and testament to the hard work they put in every week but also our coaches and parents who support them. Great work boys and girls.

U9: Jacob Simmons

U10: Billy Manders

U11: Jack Barnes, Harriet Howgate, Emma MacDonald, Poppy Stace

U12: William Davies-Crisp, Isabella Ollis

U13: Toby Capel, Jonty Batchelor, Finlay Oratis, Harvey Mayne

U14: Jack Woodage, Ben Saunders, Harry Pearce, Fred MacDonald, Angus Alcott, Oli Johnston

U15: Ray Manders, Asmus Minchell, Jacob Fearon

U16: Charlie Woodage, Tom Saunders, Buddy Capel, Adam Trees, Benji Jackson, Sam Stace, Thomas Davies-Crisp, Ben Van Noort

U17: Theo Trevelyan-Clark, Charlie Tear, Sophie Grayson, Rose Grayson

U18: Harriet Thornton, Alex Tatchell, Josh Taylor, Oli Van Noort

Apologies if we've missed anyone off. Let us know and we'll add you to the list!

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