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Senior Cricket in 2023

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The club has grown enormously in recent years. We have more players, more teams, more facilities, two grounds, two groundsmen, two sets of equipment and are now playing at the highest standard of cricket that the club has even seen.

Therefore, in order to embrace and support these developments it was decided to create a dedicated 'Senior Cricket Committee' that would take on the responsibility of managing and supporting all aspects of senior cricket at the club.

The committee will be chaired by Glyn Lucas and supported by Tim Van Noort, Mark Jeffries and Stephen Hodgson.

Glyn, a past Junior chairman and a current committee member. He has been with the club for many years and understands the importance of helping our junior players transition from colts to senior cricket.

Tim, appointed Club Coach for 2023 along with Mark have impressive CV’s and bring with them many years of experience of playing, managing and coaching cricket at the highest level.

Importantly they also understand the demands and challenges facing senior cricket generally and will hopefully be able to guide and support the club and ensure it keeps moving forward in the right direction.

In addition to those mentioned above the committee will also have player representation. Initially this is likely to be team captains, but other players may from time to time be asked to join discussions and offer input.

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