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Player Analysis 2019

We continue to lose more than we gain. Twice as many this year. Not an exact science as I included women players in additions not departures which would have of course made the picture worse. And of course some played for us more than others. It again shows the value of the colts' conveyor belt to the club. We keep talking about the need for some of the kids to stay in Sussex (as plumbers or electricians) but actually this year with a few exceptions - Gabriel, Danny Abbott and Alex Miller, the colts that left were still colts! And Vets? We lost some after their game in the sun last year but gained some more. They show in red below, colts/former colts in italics

Those We Have Loved (Players who featured in 2018 but not this year) - 32

Richie Harrison

Gabriel "Mr Cricket" Peck

Andy Mayne

Callum Duxbury

Jimmy Bailey (too busy opening fetes and village halls)

Martin Glover

Steve Tuhey

Ollie van Noort

David Hardisty

Isaac Paisley

John and Carl Room

Will Hunstman

Mithelesh "Frank" Rawat (Overseas Player - IND -2018)

Andy, Rhys and Owain Atkins

Luke Tolson

Neil North

Danny Abbott

Sam Davies

Samuel Davies

Mikey Evans

TJ Bethell

Thomas Doyle

Will Terry

Charlie Witham

Alex Russell

Peter Jones (recently retired)

Jon Taylor

Freddy Costain

Alex Miller

There may be girls/women who left us but unclear if they featured in the St James combined side this season. Tim Jarvis played for us at Aldershot before anyone asks why he's not showing above. Hugo continues to play friendlies but great to see him and Jarv doing okay at Brighton in the Premier League. Also Richie back playing at his old club Bexhill with Mr Hodd and Ollie van Noort amongst others in Div 3 (East). He was asked to play to arrest the club's recent slide and clearly it worked as he helped them finish second. And where exactly is Gabriel? For so long the only man or beast who would know everyone's highest score and how many catches you took in your first season. He was seen around the area briefly in the summer and then disappeared. Is he's taking advanced driving lessons?

New Kids On The Block (debuts in 2019) - 16

Morne Low (Overseas Player - RSA - 2019)

Jack Woodage

Sam Stace

Alan Newman

Ludo Milne

Felix Minchell

Finlay Goodchild

Matt Luckhurst

Matt Bates

David Morley

Carla and Jane Owey

Archie Westwood

Archie Ruggerio

Oliver Turner

Graham Simmons

Ed White

Jack Hyde

Tim Kersley

Steve Donelan

Oscar Gambetta

Georgie Mullon

James Kowszun (back for more)

Charlotte and Rosie Meierdirk

Yullia Ollis

Sanchit Batra

Mike Ford (back for more)

Goerge Hilton-Rhind

Oliver Lowdell

Tom Harvey-Jones (back for more)

Tom Firth (back for more)

Some of the above played cricket for other clubs - Ed White and Jack Hyde are good examples of that. However great to see Graeme Simmons who has lived in West Chilt for years, finally make his debut for us in the Vets. Having played for the Boro and Billy, good to see him arrive at his home club at last.

Last word to JEM. He's been at this club since he was 14/15 and much has been written about what has happened since. We wish him all the best as he heads off to Toronto with some mates after Xmas to spend a year over there. He's been a true role model for many of our kids showing what can be achieved if you set your mind to it; after having a tough time of it at Steyning, he came here and has just flourished from day 1. Well done Brian and Will Jeffries for coaxing him over and thanks to him and Dad for being such a big part of our club. Don't be a stranger and please don't go picking up any strange accents over there....... See you around, Jack...


Ludo Milne - new to us in 2019

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