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New outdoor nets

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

You may be aware that for some time now we have been making plans to replace our outdoor nets. We had intended to instal a new system sooner but due to the uncertainties that Covid brought with it we pushed this project back to 2022 and we are excited to update you with the news that we have now chosen a contractor to install our brand new three-lane nets!

Over the Christmas holidays a small team of helpers (thank you!) dismantled the existing structure in readiness for the installation of the new system sometime in spring. The last job is to lift the existing carpets and dispose of them (if anyone wants some of the carpet/astro then please email The system is being repositioned; rotated by approx. 30 degrees to allow for longer run-ups and greater clearance from the boundary. This clearance will offer greater security/safety whilst using the nets when a game is being played and there will be less chance of a stray ball being hit onto the field of play.

The images below are of an existing system installed by our chosen contractors, which although similar, may not be exactly the same. We can’t wait to see them in place ready to use, least of all because it will mean cricket season again!

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