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New Online Membership System

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

We have decided to move to an online membership system as the task of administering paper forms, cash, cheques and bank payments was just getting too much of a burden for our volunteers.

There are a host of reasons why this new system is beneficial, not least of all the legal considerations around GDPR, but for you the member, it will be a much easier way of registering online, at home, and paying your annual membership quickly and easily.

This is obviously a major change in how the club will manage and communicate with its membership but it hasn’t been done just for the sake of change nor without a great deal of thought and research.

All members will be asked to make use of the new system from the outset, however we are continuing with our annual registration evening for one more year at least (22 March), to allow members to come along and register online from the pavilion if they so wish. There will be a couple of laptops set up to show you how it works or you can also do so from your mobile phone on the night. More details below.

For anyone who cannot make it, the system allows you to register in your own time, quickly and conveniently.


Registration Evening/Member's Information Evening

Friday 22 March, from 5.30pm onwards at the main Pavilion.

The annual pre-season Registration Evening has always been much more than just signing a form and paying subs for another year. And for this reason we see no need to remove it from the calendar this year. It’s a perfect opportunity...

  • For bringing the club together which perhaps for most is the first time since the end of season dinner last October.

  • A chance for all those involved to start talking and planning for the new season.

  • A great opportunity to welcome new members and for new parents to meet and speak to coaches, managers and captains, perhaps for the first time.

  • An opportunity to ask questions.  

  • An opportunity for information regarding any changes or developments.

The bar will be open and the kitchen will be serving hot food!

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