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Six Person Nets Now Allowed

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

UPDATE - Further to the below news, you can now book a net lane for a group of up to six people. The latest ECB Guidelines can be viewed by clicking the link.

ECB Guidelines 5 June 2020
Download PDF • 313KB

We have some exciting news regarding net practice! As of this today, you are now able to book a net session, and can do so for use starting Monday 25 May!

As many of you may have seen, the ECB released guidance around re-introducing cricket practice and your committee and volunteers have worked hard to get the nets ready for use and have agreed the following procedures to ensure the Club complies and everyone is kept safe within the guidelines.

It is essential this procedure and its guidelines are followed. Please remember a breach of these guidelines could impact on the club and we may be forced to remove the facility to practice, but more importantly puts the health of your coaches, teammates and their families at risk so please take these seriously. Thank you in advance.

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