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James Chaloner All-Time XI

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

WCTCC legend James Chaloner, part of the founding WCTCC core and previously West Chiltington CC, picks his all time team. He's played with a few players over the years, this must have been difficult!

1. Will Chambers - seriously handy batsman, fielder with rocket arm, and pretty rapid bowler. Scored one of the fastest 50s I have ever seen with not one false stroke at all. Just gets the edge over his younger brother.

2. Chambo - class, funny and highly temperamental all rounder. Was great to bowl in tandem with him for a number of years and watch him bash apart opposition bowling. I did also seem to spend alot of time calming opposition sides down from being Chambo’ed when I was captain. Also Famous for teaching kids the swearing alphabet. 3. Bob Llewelyn - great bat, dependable, prolific and unorthodox. Great clubman and booming welsh voice to keep you motivated. 4. Grant Morrish - confidence player, and on his day the classiest batsman we’ve had and a great fielder. Should still be playing with his abilities and talent. 5. Mick Armstrong - Brilliant all rounder. Class bat, and great bowler i have had the privilege to have bowled in tandem with. Great bloke to have in your side.

6. JEM - consistent, effortless bat who has come through the West Chiltington setup and shows real class. Can bowl a bit as well. 7. James Howgate - great bat, fielder and canny left-arm bowler. He can also single handedly defeat the opposition just through the power of banter alone. 8. Dave Robinson - laconic to say the least, but a sharp wicketkeeper, very handy bowler and completely destructive batsman. 9. James Chaloner - got to select myself, wickets aplenty and just a few runs. 10. Malcolm Fitzgerald - our most prolific spinner, masses of wickets through guile and straight arm top spin deliveries. Lots of chat as well as Statler and Waldorf.

11. Rupert Cleaver - great athlete in the field and fine fast bowler.

Some others in the mix for me would include Tommo, Jim Gee, Neil Miller, David Hardisty, Mike Ford, Charlie D and Toby Glover.

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