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Ground Works

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Shortly after the last matches of the truncated but very busy 2020 season were played at West Chiltington and Thakeham, over the weekend of 12/13 September specialist contractors undertook post season renovation works necessary to prepare the intensively used pitches into decent condition for next season. These works included intensive scarification, necessary to prevent the build up of thatch (a layer of dead material, which makes pitches low, slow and boring!), spreading of grass seed ( a mix of dwarf rye cultivars especially developed for cricket squares) and fertiliser followed by levelling of worn pitch ends then application and spreading of cricket loam (around two tonnes at West Chiltington and almost a tonne at Thakeham. Now the grounds teams are waiting for the seed to germinate, young grass to develop and grow before winter work of mowing, weed and pest control and fertilising will start.

At Thakeham the contractors have also started the extension of the square to provide two new pitches to provide seven grass pitches and a top quality artificial wicket at our second ground. This work will be completed before the end of October. Some limited use of the new pitches may be possible in 2021, full use should be possible in 2022.

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