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Dave Robinson All-Time XI

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

1. Brian Chambers - Aggressive with both bat and ball, great free hitting opener and crafty bowler which would always get you a few wickets.

2. Grant Morrish - Devastating opener along with Chambers. Would love to have seen these two bat together at the top as the run rate would have been ridiculous. All class!

3. Robert Llewellyn - Stats don't say enough about this fella. Just a run machine anywhere in the order and enjoyed keeping to his bowling always managed to get a wicket.

4. Will Chambers - Underated bat at times Will could get on with it just as good as anyone. Sharp bowler who could ruffle a few feathers.

5. Tim Monday (C) - Classy bat that compiled runs effortlessly. Always happy to roll the arm over and pick up a cheeky wicket. Good tactician as captain.

6. Michael Armstrong - Great all rounder both with bat and ball. Also loves getting amongst the action in the field. Safe hands!

7. James Howgate - Tenacious in the field, steady bat and always ready to have a bowl. Another great all round option.

8. Alan Reeves - Yet another great all round option. Always assured of getting runs in the middle order and very handy first change swing bowler. Just put it on the spot and let the ball do the work.

9. Bruce Fryer - Bruce is my keeper. Never gave anything away and always kept the talk up in the field. Handy bat that you could always rely on getting you 20 or 30 quickly when you needed them most!

10. Malcom Fitzgerald - Uncanny knack of getting wickets. Always just went about it week in week out and got wickets. Could bowl long spells on ordinary wickets to keep things tight.

11. James Chalenor - Line and length and able to move it in the air both ways. Nightmare to face as an opening right handed batsman.

12th men

Steve Hodgson - reliable with both bat and ball. Could tie and end down and get quick runs when needed.

Neil Miller - capable top order bat with great technique could steer the innings when required.

Toby Glover - Great economy, picked up plenty of wickets on average tracks. Can hold up an end or get on with it as required.

Tom Chambers - probably missed his best from all reports. Great bat and very handy keeper.

Mike Ford - Great in the field, gave it everything. Strong hitter and more than capable of bowling a few overs.

Jim Gee - Didn't give it away no matter the circumstances. Great line and length bowler who would always be in the wickets.

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