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Committee Members

We’re really pleased to announce that following last year’s AGM there have been a couple of changes to the Club Committee. Jean Farnes will take over from Mike Charman as Club Treasurer and Adrian Swift will become our new League Representative and our Play-Cricket Manager, taking over from James Howgate and Will Hasler respectively.

Mike has been the Club Treasurer for over 12 years and in that time has done a fantastic job in putting the club in the strong financial position it finds itself in today.Thankfully, Mike isn’t leaving the club and will continue to be involved in other roles and duties. Jean has been on the committee for a number of years and has been working closely with Mike over recent months to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible. We’re extremely grateful to Jean for everything she already does at the club in both the youth section and on match days (wherever Will or Matthew are playing) and it’s great that we have such an able replacement for Mike.

James and Will, have both played crucial roles in creating the club we have today but for various reasons have decided to step away from any formal duties for the forthcoming season. However it is hoped both will continue to support the club in any way they feel able. Adrian has only been a member of the club for a short period of time but has already made clear his desire to support the club in whatever way he can. As a result, he has agreed to take over the roles of “League Rep” and Play-Cricket manager. These are very important roles both of which encompass a number of aspects, least of all providing important links between the Sussex Cricket League, the club and all its members.

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