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Bank Holiday Monday Update

Due to the Covid restrictions we are operating under we've take the decision to change the format of our annual Bank Holiday Monday tournament.

The competition rules are below.

  • Four teams will play in the competition using both grounds.

  • The first two games will start at 10.30am and the second at 2pm.

  • The winners of the first games will play against each other at West Chilt the runners up will play each other at Thakeham.

  • The format will be 10 x 10 ball overs each innings.

  • The bowling side will deliver 10 x 10 ball overs, bowled by at least 4 players. In the first 9 overs only 10 balls will be bowled and any ‘no ball’ or ‘wide’ will be penalised by 3 runs. In the tenth over the same penalty of 3 runs per ‘no ball’ or ‘wide’ will be applied, but also an extra ball for each ‘no ball’ or ‘wide’, i.e. 10 legal deliveries must be completed.

  • Normal rules of cricket apply to No Balls, Wides, Leg Side Wides, Leg Byes, and Byes.

  • Batsmen scoring 40 runs or more will retire immediately. Such batsman may continue their innings if and when all the team members have batted.

  • The batting order must be reversed from the 1st to 2nd game.

  • Should a game result in a tie then a super over of 10 balls will be played. The teams can select their best players to bat and bowl.

Team 1

Callum Wyatt

Ludo Milne *

Jacob Aichroth

Kipp Batchelor

Hugo Gillespie +

Asmus Minchell

Tim van Noort

Sam Collyer

Simon Crisp

Gus James

Adam Trees

Team 2

Charlie Davies *

Lyle Aichroth

Benji Jackson

Jack Hyde

Alfie Reeves

Toby Taylor +

Harriet Thornton

Charlie Woodage

Tim James

Oli van Noort

Matthew Hennings

Team 3

Reuben Taylor *

James Howgate

Zoë Johnston

Tom Saunders

Sam Stace +

Theo Trevelyan-Clark

Hugh Warmisham

Raj Kuchhadia

Thomas Davies-Crisp

Buddy Capel

Alfie Batchelor

Neil St Clair

Team 4

Josh Taylor

Alex Tatchell

Ben Lucking *

Ray Manders

Jack Shaw

Charlie Tear +

Dylan Trevelyan-Clark

Toby Witham

Malcolm Fitz

Ben van Noort

Philip Martin

Maisie Taylor

Each team needs a name, theme and dress code. Fancy dress is encouraged, though please remember your younger team mates before deciding on anything too outrageous. We suggest that the nominated team captain sets up a team WhatsApp group so that everyone can be involved in selecting the team name etc.



Team 1 vs Team 3 at Thakeham

Team 2 vs Team 4 at West Chilt


3rd/4th Place Play-off at Thakeham

Final at West Chilt

There will be a couple of jugs of beer (or can of soft drink for the youngsters) for the winning side as well as the chance to hold aloft the Bob Llewellyn Memorial Trophy.

Finally Covid 19 rules must be adhered to in both clubhouses. The bars and toilets will be open as per normal. Please site yourselves away from the pavilions and maintain social distancing guidelines.

Please remember this is supposed to be a fun day, played competitively and in the spirit of the game. Encourage your younger and older team mates to participate fully.

Note: There is no entry fee this year and we are not able to provide any food or refreshments other than what is sold behind the bars. Both Thakeham and West Chilt have fantastic shops, and we are hoping to persuade both the Pizza van and Ice Cream van to visit both grounds at some point. We will let you know if this is likely.

Have fun and good luck.

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