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A Thank You From Dave

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

After the recent WCTCC old boys game last month we've since recieved the following letter from David Robinson now he's back 'home' which we want to share with you all....

"A week back at work already and the Sunday game on the 21st of July 2019 already seems like it was some time ago. After the game I was hoping to pluck up the courage to give a little speech to thank everyone but unfortunately public speaking is not really my thing so I tried my best to get around to everyone and thank them individually for being there and all their efforts over the years of putting up with a pair of Australians who first found their way to the then “little club” in West Sussex all those years ago.

2009 only seems a few years ago but sadly it’s a decade now. All the juniors are now young men and the senior players err well they are a little more senior. The club has taken off in leaps and bounds since then and is a credit to all the volunteers, mums and dads, coaches, admin staff, ground staff the list goes on. In a climate where sport from a junior perspective at home in Australia seems to be dying a little WCTCC seems to be thriving and this doesn’t just happen by itself.

A big thank you to all that helped out on the day, Raylene, Stephen, Jim, Will & Mick for organising the teams and to all the players who took time out of their weekend to play and the spectators. Thanks Matt for the shirt, Mick for the trousers, Brian for the hat and Callum for the gear! It wasn’t what I expected many months ago as I was thinking of putting my hand up for a Sunday game only and then it developed into what it was so thank you for being there, it was great to see so many faces and some that had not been back to the club for some time. Hopefully this will rekindle your love of the sport and the club and maybe a few of you might consider another run on the track even!

No matter how big the club gets the sense of belonging and community is still very much present, this is something myself and my better half Sarah miss desperately as it was something we grew up with and is not really part of our lives anymore unfortunately. The fact I can come back to a club after so long with my family and be made to feel so welcome is amazing and I will always be grateful for that as its incredibly important to us.

Again, I genuinely can’t say enough good things about this club and I’d be lying if I wasn’t already thinking of my son Harry having a hit in the motherland in the future, his parents would gladly come and visit! Sarah and I have already discussed next time we visit we will spend more time in the country which will give us more time to catch up with everyone as time got the better of us on this trip and I apologise if I didn’t get round to saying hello to everyone like we had planned!

Thank you all for everything you have done over the years not to mention the family’s that welcomed us into their homes along the way (Glovers, Hodgsons, Haslers, Chambers, Millers just to name a few!) not only from me, but my family it’s been a pleasure and I can’t wait to see you all again!"

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