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Overseas Return!

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

We haven’t always been such a big club and had overseas players. They are complex things to sort out! Aside from the paperwork, finding people who are not only good enough (for us), have money for air fares, but also warm to us and we warm to them. Our first stab was in 2009. I made contact with two Victorians (Australia) in late 2008 who said they wanted to come over and watch the Ashes plus play a bit of cricket. Most of us never believed it would happen but over they came and we suddenly had two contrasting Aussies on our hands!

The colts section was half the size it was today but the kids immediately loved them. Our adult sides certainly benefited (no 3rd XI in those days) and the poor guys started off living in a caravan before being rescued by Martin and Tracey Glover. Son Toby will be returning on Sunday to play.

Mick (Armstrong) has never really left, having fallen for a Worthing girl but goes home this year at last. Dave Robinson went home, came back unannounced in 2010 and finally went home again. He’s back now for a few days with his wife, new son and parents. Hence this cricket match...

So we will be joined on Sunday by several old players (a few West Chilt footballers) and several current ones playing in a game to celebrate ten years since they first arrived. The Reeves, Goring, Hodgsons and co will remember them even if many colts before and since have gone to Uni and disappeared.

All are welcome to come and watch on Sunday. It’s a 1:30 start at the Rec. The Chairman is doing teas and Jim will be disappointed if the bar is not cleaned up.

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