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Time For Tea?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

A big talking point over the last week that we can now talk about with some clarity!

At the Sussex Cricket League AGM last week a vote was taken on the motion to remove the obligatory provision of tea by the home club during league games in 2021 and member clubs voted in favour.

For reasons we won't go into, the vote was re-run and the outcome is that the provision of tea will remain an obligation. The motion was voted 114 votes AGAINST, 82 votes FOR.

Essentially, nothing will change from the 2019 season, tea breaks will continue as they were

The provision of teas will of course be dependent on any Covid-19 rules that may be in place come the start of the season, as we had in 2020.

We fully appreciate that there are many reasons why providing a tea is a challenge for clubs. Facilities, costs, volunteers, there are lots of reasons and there is a broad range of views, all of which are valid. We are fortunate to be in a position where we are able and happy to offer a tea.

As always, we are extremely grateful to all our volunteers, our tea ladies and gents will be thrilled. Jon Trees has already begun perfecting his baking.

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