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The Future of WCTCC

Updated: May 24, 2020

Dear members, friends and parents of our club. We are at an exciting time in the club’s development. In recent years the club has made substantial investments especially in our grounds and training facilities and is constantly looking at improving access to good quality coaching. This has brought great benefit to all those involved including team performances and player development. If I look back perhaps only 5 years, the club is a very different place today to what it was then. However, as any club evolves it becomes essential to occasionally sit back, take stock and ensure that it continues to move forward in the right direction. Therefore, at the end of what proved to be a very challenging season, especially for the senior league teams, it was decided that a review of our “senior cricket” offering for 2020 was required. Without going into all the issues, it was felt by a good number of people that without some changes that the senior teams were playing a standard of cricket that may prove to be unsustainable over the long term. Effectively, it was felt that the club was facing two clear choices. The choices were:

a) To continue as we are, producing some very talented junior players but recognise that without any real prospect of promotion that our very best and most talented youngsters could decide to leave the club and seek more challenging cricket elsewhere. We would become a feeder club for the bigger teams in Sussex. Alternatively...

b) We set our stall out in such a way that offers all our cricketers’ access to the best and most attractive cricket Sussex can offer. In so doing this would make a clear statement of our desire to retain our most talented junior players plan and for all senior teams to seek promotion up the divisions and with a specific focus for our 1st XI to achieve Premiership status in the next 5 years. There were some important decisions to make in order to help and shape the debate, representatives from all areas of the club were invited to attend a meeting that took place in the clubhouse just before Christmas last year. Those who attended included players, team captains, coaches, parents, senior colts and members of the club committee and the purpose of the meeting was to receive input and to listen to their valued comments. This proved to be an invaluable and an extremely useful exercise and whilst all areas of the club were discussed the primary focus, as previously mentioned, was directed towards the senior league teams. After several hours of very open, honest and healthy debate during which we looked at all our strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities open to us and the threats we faced, the conclusion of the meeting was unanimous. It confirmed that we did not want to become a feeder club but that we wanted to retain our very best players, potentially attract new players and continue to build on the strength of all the senior teams. Therefore, after many hours of further discussion I am now writing to you to present a revised “Vision Statement” which I believe now more accurately reflects the ambitions of the club for years to come. Vision Statement Our overarching aim is to provide competitive and enjoyable cricket for all abilities, ages and genders. Our vision:

  • Viewed as a progressive, friendly, family centric, sporting and competitive club

  • Playing within the true spirit of the game

  • All league teams striving for promotion and playing at the highest standard possible

  • Achieve “sustainable” Premiership status within the next five years

To achieve this, we intend to:

  • Secure the services of a committed “Club Coach”

  • Ensure all senior players have access to high quality coaching and training facilities thereby providing a pathway for their own individual development

  • Ensure that our commitment to providing excellent equipment and facilities for all members is maintained

  • Continue our long-term commitment to developing our junior section and our home-grown talent

  • Develop a more professional and focused approach to league cricket

  • Continue to attract new players and retain the services of overseas players

We are currently in the process of securing the services of a new club coach and overseas player; more news of this very soon. We are little more than two months away from the first friendly game of the season and less than three months until the start of the league. There is much to do to ensure we start off the year in the right way. Volunteers are needed at all levels in the club. Whether this is helping behind the bar, provide sponsorship for the club, helping at colt’s sessions or pitching in at both pavilion work parties. If you are interested in helping, then please email me. Thanks, and best wishes, Stephen Hodgson Club Chairman

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