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Help for Refugees fleeing Ukraine

Can you help in an urgent appeal to aid refugees fleeing the Ukraine?

Action needed by this Friday 4 March...

We are planning to collect items from the list below, and take them to be part of the White Eagle Club, who are a polish community group based in Balham, London. This group has been taking in donations from all around London and the south area, to be transported from the UK into Poland early next week as part of a large scale donation initiative. Once the items arrive, they will be distributed to the points where refugees are crossing the border with Poland and/or to their temporary accommodation.

If you wish to find out more about the White Eagle Club you can do so via their facebook page.

The most needed right now are:

  • Batteries / flashlights / bandages

  • Clothes (new or very good condition)

  • Shoes (new or very good condition)

  • Diapers / clothes for children of different ages

  • Dry sanitary products e.g. pads, tampons

  • Thermal clothes / thermal shirts / long johns / gloves

  • Duvets / blankets / sleeping bags / pillows / sheets

THEY DO NOT COLLECT FOOD IN ANY FORM (even dry baby formulas)

When collating the packages could you please group items thematically e.g. medicines, bandages in one bag, clothes in the other. If you could please write on a bag in a visible marker what it is.

Please bring donations to the Alcott family at Two Trees, Orchard Dell, West Chiltington RH20 2LB by Friday 4 March morning (or call us on 01798 815504 or 07974 942666).

Many thanks

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