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As guidelines are slowly being relaxed we are looking at ways of providing cricket at some level for all Junior members including the very youngest.

Of course we are still required to adhere to the Covid 19  guidelines plus additional guidelines regarding use of cricket equipment and small group gatherings as laid down by the ECB and Sussex cricket but gradually as the guidelines ease we are seeing possibilities of reintroducing some sort of cricketing activities for even the youngest of our members.

The planning is still in its infancy and unlikely to take place until mid-July, but we are looking very closely at what might be possible.

Our initial thinking is that small group sessions will be run like holiday “cricket camps” with an emphasis on fun.

These sessions would only be open to members and are likely to be:

  • Age group specific

  • 5 to 1…. kids/coach ratio (following current ECB guidelines)

  • Focus on fun, not just skills improvement

  • The kids will need their own bat and ball (the club can provide sanitised equipment if needed)

  • Each group would receive a 2-hour session once

These will be club sponsored sessions and are only available to members. As a result, there will be no charge.

The sessions will be headed up and managed by or own professional coach Tim Van Noort. Tim has been running these types of sessions for many years… they have always been very popular.


Therefore, if your child is in age groups U5 to U14s and would like them to take part please indicate your interest by clicking on the link below.

We will then get back in touch once the finer details have been finalised along with a confirmation of dates.

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