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Malcolm Fitzgerald All-Time XI

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Premier spinner and all round club legend Fitz heralds from the days of West Chilt CC before we merged in 2000. He played youth cricket for the club and as such has a large pool of WCTCC stars to chose from. Here's his all-time XI.

1. Mark Tuppen- He ran the whole club for years during the 80’s and early 90’s and without him the club would have folded. He was an aggressive hard hitting opening bat who scored a stack of centuries.

2. Grant Morrish- He joined the club from Brighton Insurance where we had many enjoyable games! He is the most stylish bat that has played for the club.

3. Bob Llewellyn- Bob needs no introduction and is sorely missed. Bob and I enjoyed years of stopping JC bat in the 90’s. He was a useful seamer and also kept wicket.

4. Mike Ford- He was a joy to watch as a left hander and was very prolific for a number of years. He was a great fielder and good off spin bowler if I would let him whilst I was Captain!

5. Brian Chambers-I tried very hard not to include him but you have to. Top score for the club and in his prime a very quick left armer. Some said he had a short fuse!

6. Callum Wyatt (Keeper and Captain) - I wanted to include one of our own youth and Callum has matured into a very good bat and his straight drives are a pleasure to watch. He is a very good skipper so gets that role in the team as well.

7. Mick Armstrong- Maybe a bit low in the batting order but a great all rounder. He came as a bowler but I think his batting is his stronger suit. Probably the best all rounder the club has had.

8. James Howgate- Very good left hander and a useful bowler. Excellent fielder but prone to the odd dolly drop. My Vice Captain.

9. Malcolm Fitzgerald- included because it is my team. Played since the 80’s and the longest active playing member so gets in for longevity alone.

10. James Chaloner- Walt moves the ball both ways and in his prime was better than Mark Ealham before he succumbed to numerous imaginery injuries! A useful bat as well.

11. James Gee- Grumpy Jim was the most accurate seamer at the club in the 90’s and early 00’s and had a bit of pace. If you miss fielded of his bowling you were not forgiven.

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