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Season Review 2018 Part 3

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

The last part of any review is analysing who has stopped playing for whatever reason and who has joined us over the course of the year.

New kids on the block (29 – 12 adults)

Mithelesh “Frank” Rawat, Hugh Warmisham, Phil Martin, Raj Kuchhadia, Sean Healy, Tim Woodcock, Abigail Oratis, Simon Crisp, Craig Johnston, Charlotte Kenyon, Neil St Clair, Andrew Mayne, Charlie Woodage (U13), Asmus Minchell (U12), Tom Saunders (U13), Ben Saunders (U11), Bonnie Minassian (U12), Tom Easdale (U11), Sebastian Darmon (U12), Fred MacDonald (U11), Patrick Rawlins (U11), Charles Clarke (U11), Callum Skirrow (U11), Jude Lane (U11), Josh Williams-Richards (U11), Adam Flitney (U11), Isaac Paisley (U11), Harry Pearce, Bea Hogg.

Denton's back

Also rejoining us the playing staff this year were six others. Jon Denton played at Bolney in 2016 and in 2017 after playing one game for us at the start of 2016. He has returned to the fold to play 13 matches last term. Mhairi-Ann (Mars) Hill didn’t play in 2017 but returned this year for the Women’s team. James Bailey played his first game since 2015 in the 3rd XI defeat to Ram in August. Will Hasler did likewise when he took the field at Petworth and West Hoathly for the Vets. David Hardistyalso hadn’t played since 2015 when he played at Petworth whilst John Roomplayed in 2016 and returned to play at Petworth this year.

In addition, several other veterans like Steve Tuhey, Martin Glover and Greg Brown played their first games for us for a long time.

Jon Denton returned in 2018

Those We Have Loved and Lost – people that didn’t play at all in 2018 (48)

Tim Monday (RIP), Mani Deep Singh, Will Pearce, Larry Moir, Ben Miller, Reece Collins-Powell, Jimmy Staples, Eddie Miller, Chris Braun, Stuart Li-Tremble, Aran Kay (first season missed since 2007 due to injury), Penny Atkins, Archie Fairclough-Wood, Andrew Cuthbert, Ned Brown, Charlie Ingham, Thomas Firth, Lydon Gandler, Ben Hasler, Ben Ingham, Hugh Graham-Watson, Finlay Summers, Arthur Pinkney, Max Woodcock, Jake Turner, Alex Badcock, Sean Latter, Mandy Davies, Isabelle Storey, Harry Bennett, Sienna Jay, Brandon Lord, Willem Sweet, Francesca Sweet, Dan Laws, Michael Corkery-Hayward, Woden Hackett, Sam Dunkley, Jasper Williams, Oliver Regan-Suckling, Grant Morrish, Xander Ludlow-Monk, Connor Lord, Jean Farnes, Jonathan Wood, Jelena Morey, Jana Morey and Peter Roberts.

The President has hung up his protector

Peter Jones and Neil North played this season but have both decided to retire. We thank them both for their commitment to the cause and in the President’s case, he stopped playing after the Sunday game at Petworth just shy of his 75thbirthday. We hope they will continue to be a part of our club for many years.

And finally, as mentioned last time, Tim Jarvis has decided to leave us and return to his first club Brighton & Hove. Jarv always remained a Brighton boy at heart and there are many reasons why he has elected to play back at home next year. His best mate whom he played alongside for many years will also be returning from Ditchling to Nevill Road and several of the players that he loved playing with at Chilt have left – not least Tim Monday. In addition, his young family quite rightly takes up more of his time these days and he won’t be playing as much as he used to. Of course we’ll miss Zoe and the kids too plus Debbie and Chris who were all fixtures around the Rec in the last few years. Good luck to all of them and no doubt Corey Jarvis will be playing for Sussex one day soon too!

That’s it in terms of rubbish for this season. We’ll see you pre season for some more libellous nonsense. Hugh's doing a grand job with social media and keep up with Reuben and Charlie’s monthly blog on this website. Until the next time, we thank you for your company and will see some of you at the Xmas drinks for a few jars


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