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Cricket Week

Cricket week! The best week of the year! Come along, support the players, watch the cricket, take in the sun and enjoy a drink at the bar. Look out for...

๐Ÿ1 July, 2pm, Nazeing Common - fancy dress tourists from Essex ๐Ÿ2 July, 2pm, Veterans - JD leads some old men against Barns Green Vets ๐Ÿ3 July, 2pm, Worthing Chipps 40/40 ๐Ÿ4 July, 11.30am, all day game against Sussex Martlets with lunch and tea (for players) ๐Ÿ5 July, 11.30am, Chairman XI vs President XI

Junior training continues to take place on Friday evening.

Team news as follows....

Monday - 40 over bash with Nazeing Common from Essex

Charlie Davies*

Bruce Fryer+

Charlie Woodage


Archie Graham-Watson

Iain Haggart

Will Farnes

Toby Witham

Alex Tatchell

Jack Hyde

Mornรฉ Louw

Tuesday, itโ€™s the Vets turn to take on their counterparts from Barns Green. Same start.



Malcolm Fitzgerald

Craig Johnston

Tim Kersley (debut)

Stephen Hodgson

Alan Reeves

Jim Gee

Graeme Simmons

Greg Brown

Neil St Clair

Sub: Shaun Tatchell

Wednesday, we are home to Chipps in another 40 over game at 2.



Archie Graham-Watson

Iain Haggart

Will Farnes

Alex Tatchell

Reuben Taylor

Hugh Warmisham

Jack Hyde

Ollie Holden

+1 TBC any takers?

Thursday we start at 11:30 against the Sussex Martlets. All day game

Reuben Taylor*

Ben Lucking

Mornรฉ Louw

Hugo Gillespie

Charlie Davies

Iain Haggart

Alfie Batchelor

Toby Witham

Alex Tatchell

Theo Trevelyan-Clark

Lyle Aichroth

Friday is an 11.30 start for President's Day. Chairman's XI take on President's XI and teams will be announced soon.

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